Kwik has one of the largest modern wet hire crane fleets in Western Australia. The on-demand fleet is capable of servicing any one of our clients’ needs with minimal notice.

Since the 1980s Kwik’s city class cranes, otherwise known as Tomb Thumbs, have serviced the residential and commercial construction market due to their small foot print that is perfect for tight locations in the metropolitan area. Over time we have grown the size of this fleet to match the demand of the West Australian market and now we boast the largest fleet of city class cranes in Western Australia capable of servicing from Two Rocks to Augusta.

Complementing our fleet of Tomb Thumbs is an expansive fleet of pick and carry Franna cranes that are capable of undertaking a myriad of tasks from residential construction to large multiple crane engineered lifts. Key benefits of this crane type are the ability to operate off road in very tight spaces.

Our fleet of slewing cranes range from 40t and extend to 250t all terrain cranes. This fleet undertakes jobs ranging from residential and commercial construction to specialised lifts in the form of tilt up panels and large mining equipment.

All of our cranes come complete with a full array of lifting equipment as standard, this equipment is annually tested and independently certified. Our larger cranes are accompanied by dedicated support trucks which carry additional counterweights and ancillary lifting equipment such as brick/block cages, concrete/sand kibbles, jacking gear and spreader bars.

Pick and Carry Cranes

Slewing Cranes