Finding A Tilt Tray In Perth For Your Needs

Finding A Tilt Tray In Perth For Your Needs

Northfleet Transport has decades of experience in providing truck transport services throughout Western Australia. This expertise extends to our tilt tray hire Perth services, providing our customers with convenient and reliable cargo transportation services in the region. We have a full fleet of tilt tray trucks for your cargo needs, and qualified operators to run them.

What Is a Tilt Tray?

A tilt tray truck is a flatbed truck whose tray can be tilted to meet the ground, to form a ramp. Because of this tilting action, heavy equipment, cargo containers, and vehicles can be loaded onto the tilt tray truck without any lifting equipment.

Tilt tray trucks are somewhat more expensive than regular trucks. However, they incur savings in many situations. That’s because you don’t need a crane to load the truck, and you don’t need as many workers in a loading operation.

A tilt tray truck has two additional pieces of equipment compared to other trucks.

The first is the hydraulic mechanism that allows the tray to tilt up. Some tilt tray trucks also have trays that slide, allowing them to touch the ground.

The second is a winch, situated at the top of the tray. When the tray is tilted up, the winch is used to hook up to a load, and pull it onto the tray.

When Should You Hire A Tilt Tray?

A tilt tray truck is the appropriate choice for when you need ease and convenience in carrying heavy loads and relocating them. They feature many advantages over flatbed trucks, such as not needing additional equipment to place heavy loads.

In addition, the hydraulic mechanism that allows for the tilt tray action, also provides a certain amount of shock absorption. This can protect sensitive loads from damage during transport.

On top of this, tilt tray trucks can load containers with unusual sizes. The tilting mechanism can be adjusted to accommodate such nonstandard containers.

Finally, just as they’re easier to load than regular trucks, they’re also easier to unload as well. Tilt tray trucks are a great choice for ensuring that cargo is unloaded safely, quickly, and efficiently at the destination.

What Is Often Carried On a Tilt Tray?

Shipping Containers – Tilt tray trucks are highly suited for loading shipping containers, as they can be winched up onto the tray without needing a crane.

Heavy equipment – Equipment that can’t be reliably loaded onto a flatbed, due to weight or other safety concerns, can be loaded up onto a tilt tray without a hitch.

Tilt Tray Hire With Northfleet Transport

At Northfleet Transport, we recognize the diverse transportation needs of companies in Perth, and provide numerous quality options accordingly. If your transportation problem needs a tilt tray service Perth trusts, then Northfleet Transport is your solution. Contact us now for a free quotation and get your transportation needs addressed immediately.