Northfleet Transport Featured In Prime Mover Mag

Northfleet Transport Featured In Prime Mover Mag

As a dedicated team of specialised transport and mine relocation professionals, we’re always grateful to receive feedback and recognition from both our clients and industry friends. So, when we found out that we’d been featured in Prime Mover magazine, we were particularly chuffed. The industry’s go-to magazine for updates, news, stories and features, our positive recognition in Prime Mover has reinforced our innovative approach to specialised transport and logistics.

From Prime Mover’s Perspective

BHP Project

Chatting to Operations Manager Gordon Smith-Gander, Prime Mover detailed our extensive fleet of specialised transport vehicles as well as our mine camp relocation projects. Discussing our work with BHP for the relocation of the mine in Yandi, the feature explains how our specialised fleet of modular housing transport vehicles effectively move accommodation across the state, facilitating up to 200 movements per week and simplifying logistics.

The Wheatstone Project

The Prime Mover feature also discussed our work with Chevron on the Wheatstone Project. Involving 50 residential houses, we effectively created a new suburb in Onslow to provide a more permanent and appealing housing solution for workers.

Northfleet Transport for Specialised Transport in Perth

As experts in crane hire, mine camp relocation and specialised transport in Perth, we’re proud to employ around 110 staff and maintain four depots across the region. Our specialised fleet of modular transport vehicles make mine relocations simple, allowing us to move entire camps in minimal time. With a fleet of 25 prime movers and around 80 trailers, our professionals aim to simplify logistics and provide cost-effective services for projects of all sizes.

Learn more about what we do and how we simplify logistics. Contact us on (08) 9270 8999.