Mine Camp Installations & Relocations

Northfleet Transport have provided mine camp installations and relocations throughout Western Australia and beyond over the past 30 years supporting the mining sector boom that has seen an enormous amount of buildings required in our resource regions.

The Northfleet Transport transport division has the largest fleet of house float trailers in Australia giving us the ability to mobilise up to 40 specialty designed floats to make sure that installation times are kept to a minimum and ensure that the clients requirements are met every time.

With extensive reserves of mineral resources, mining has become a rewarding and profitable industry that’s experienced significant growth throughout Australia. But, as most mineral resources are found in locations far from towns and cities, remote camps and towns are required. Necessary for both housing employees as well as providing recreation, amenities and facilities, mine camps become a home away from home for employees throughout their working period.

At Northfleet Transport, we specialise in mine camp installations and relocations. As WA’s leading specialised transport professionals, we streamline relocations, moves and installations with efficiency and productivity. With the countries largest fleet of house float trailers, our professionals power moves across regional Australia to meet the requirements of our clients – each and every time.

The Northfleet Transport Difference

The Northfleet Transport Difference encompasses reliability, expertise, efficiency and professionalism. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, efficient and industry-leading services when it comes to mine camp installations and relocations. From initial consultations and discussions with the client to the finalising and completion of your site, we uphold strict high standards of service and conduct.

Our professionals offer installation and relocation services for mining camps and communities throughout WA. Thanks to a fleet of 40 specialty floats and highly trained team leaders we minimise installation and transportation times to help you get set up or pack up fast. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we strive to exceed client expectations across every project.

Our Mine Camp and Community Projects

As WA’s specialised transport team, we streamline logistics. Drawing upon an in-depth understanding of mining and resource requirements, real-world experience and a fleet of reliable and powerful vehicles, Northfleet Transport makes your move seamless. We’ve worked on moving and installing countless mine camps and communities with an emphasis on time constraints, budgets and external circumstances. Find out more about what we’ve achieved for mining and resource clients throughout WA.

Wheatstone Residential

The movement into long term accommodation options for Chevron’s Wheatstone project resulted in the installation of 50 three-bedroom modular homes constructed in Wangara by McGrath Modular and transported 1,400km up to Onslow. This project required efficiency and the mobilisation of a large fleet to service the installation dates of three buildings landed and installed on site per week. This demanded 12 truckloads and 12 pilots working on rotation to ensure a smooth delivery of houses to site.

Yandi Mine Accommodation

The Yandi Mine required an additional 100 SPQs after undergoing a large expansion. With a tight window for transport, we were presented with a variety of logistical issues and challenges – including the requirement to transport all units quickly to minimise installation costs. Thanks to the size of our fleet, we were able to move all units within the required timeframe while maintaining high quality standards across all services.

Personalised Advice

At Northfleet Transport, our WA team specialise in moving and installing mine camps and communities. With an emphasis on efficiency, quality and reliability, we achieve high quality results for our clients across all projects.

Find out more about our mine camp installation and relocation services. Contact us on (08) 9270 8999.


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