Modular Housing

Perth’s Modular Home Transporting Professionals

Australian homes are changing. What was once a long and complicated process, home building has been simplified and streamlined with modular construction. Particularly valuable in regional areas of Western Australia, modular houses provide an economical solution where onsite construction isn’t always feasible.

At Northfleet Transport, our Perth professionals specialise in transporting modular homes and components across WA. From compact single dwellings to larger family homes to mine site complexes, we simplify the logistics of modular transport to help you build quicker.

What is Modular Housing?

Modular housing is paving the way for smarter, faster and more sustainable construction. Modules – individual components that make up a home or extension – are constructed off-site in factory-like settings with controlled conditions. Modules are then transported by logistics professionals to their final site. Builders and the Northfleet Transport crews then install these modules to dramatically reduce the build time and site disruptions.

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At Northfleet Transport, we understand the importance of reliable and responsive logistics services. Our specialised logistics personnel boast decades of experience in the fast and responsible transportation of goods across the country, making us WA’s go-to team for transport, traffic control and traffic management.

When it comes to moving modular housing, our professionals have you covered. Transporting modules of all sizes, we take all necessary precautions and preparations to ensure a smooth, safe and hassle-free drive to site. Reliable, experienced and specialised, Northfleet Transport boasts all necessary vehicles, equipment and expertise to ensure that all modules are transported safely and with careful attention.

Working on a modular home build? Find out more about our fast, effective and economical modular housing transport services. We offer a wide range of high quality services personalised to suit the requirements of your build. Whether you’re building in the heart of Perth or need your buildingstransported to WA’s far corners or beyond, we’re here to help.

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