Slewing Cranes


Northfleet Transport have the largest and most modern slewing crane fleet in Western Australia operating primarily in the greater metro earlier for wet hire. With decades of industry experience, we can not only help you select the appropriate crane for the job, but can provide valuable insight for the overall completion of your project. We can help to with all aspects of logistics, from cranes to transport and traffic management. Take a look through our fleet of cranes to learn more about slewing cranes and how Northfleet Transport can help you with your next project.

Our Cranes

Slewing mobile cranes are capable of operating on multiple sites per day and move easily around the metro area setting up on tight construction sites. Slewing cranes operate by setting up on outrigger pads and rotating 360 degrees from a fixed position. Slewing cranes vary in size, but are compact when compared to the capacity that they are capable of lifting, making them well suited to sites that have limited access and obstacles.  They are easy to install on site making them affordable and efficient.  Slewing cranes are available in smaller capacities, ideal for residential areas, as well as large capacities, suitable for industry uses and large commercial sites. Northfleet Transport utlise a variety of different crane manufacturers including Grove (by Manitowoc), Tadano and Terex, with the majority of our fleet being late model Groves. For the slewing crane variety, Kwik knows and trusts Grove cranes as our preferred supplier. Grove have a long history of creating top quality industrial equipment and heavy machinery which has lead them to grow into an industry leader, today focusing largely on crane manufacture. Northfleet Transport carries a fleet of Grove Cranes in varying capacities ranging from 55 tonne to 250t. Our newest, and largest, edition to the slewing crane fleet is the 250t (GMK5250L). With its incredible flexibility, compact size, and exceptional 70 metre hydraulic boom, this crane performs in jobs where other cranes can’t. Always keeping safety at the forefront, this crane features the latest technological advancements in its computer system, ergonomic design in the cabin, and improved fuel efficiencies to offer lower running costs than before. Find out more about our cranes.

Northfleet Transport

At Northfleet Transport, we understand the pressures and demands of daily business. We pride ourselves on exceptional service so you can get your project done, on time and without stress. We have decades of industry experience in cranes, transport, and traffic management. This experience along with exceptional field staff gives us the best ability to offer sound advice on the best method for completing your project. With a fleet of high quality slewing cranes in Perth, you can rest easy knowing our machine will get your job done efficiently and safely. Contact Northfleet Transport today for your next project. We can visit your site, provide a free quote, and assist you on the specific requirements for any job.


12t Tadano Tomb Thumb Crane
12T Tadano
Max Lifting Capacity:  12T Maximum Radius:  23m Max Lifting Height:  31m with fly Max Boom Length:  29.3m with fly Outrigger Footprint:  4.7m X 4.895M
16t Tadano Tomb Thumb Crane
16T Tadano
Max Lifting Capacity:  16T Maximum Radius:  27.2m with fly Max Lifting Height:  32m with fly Max Boom Length:  31m with fly Outrigger Footprint:  5.2m x 5.45m
40T Terex
40T Terex Demag
Max Lifting Capacity:  40T Maximum Radius:  28M Max Lifting Height:  32M Max Boom Length:  30.4M Fly Length:  N/A Outrigger Footprint:  6.4M X 6.2M Max Counterweight:  5.5T
40t Tadano Crane
40T Tadano
Max Lifting Capacity:  40T Maximum Radius:  38M WITH FLY Max Lifting Height:  47M WITH FLY Max Boom Length:  44.2M WITH FLY Fly Length:  9M Outrigger Footprint:  6.5M X 6.5M Max Counterweight:  6.5T
55t Terex Crane
55T Terex Demag
Max Lifting Capacity:  55T Maximum Radius:  38M Max Lifting Height:  53M Max Boom Length:  50M Fly Length:  N/A Outrigger Footprint:  6.6M X 7.1M Max Counterweight:  6.8T
55t Grove Crane
55T Grove
Max Lifting Capacity:  55T Maximum Radius:  38M Max Lifting Height:  46M Max Boom Length:  43M Fly Length:  N/A Outrigger Footprint:  6.3M X 7M Max Counterweight:  11.6T
60T Grove
60T Grove
Max Lifting Capacity:  60T Maximum Radius: 38M Max Lifting Height:  62M Max Boom Length:  43M Fly Length:  15M Outrigger Footprint:  6.2M X 6.2M Max Counterweight:  13.6T
80t Grove
80T Grove
Max Lifting Capacity:  80T Maximum Radius:  50M WITH FLY Max Lifting Height:  68M WITH FLY Max Boom Length:  66M WITH FLY Fly Length:  15M Outrigger Footprint:  7.2M X 8.3M Max Counterweight:  19.3T
130t Grove Crane
130T Grove
Max Lifting Capacity:  130T Maximum Radius:  62M Max Lifting Height:  87M WITH FLY Max Boom Length:  60M Fly Length:  26M Outrigger Footprint:  7.8M X 8M Max Counterweight:  40.1T
170t Grove Crane 3
170T Grove
Max Lifting Capacity:  170T Maximum Radius:  72M Max Lifting Height:  84M Max Boom Length:  64M Fly Length:  18M Outrigger Footprint:  8M X 8.7M Max Counterweight:  53T
250T Crane
250T Grove
Max Lifting Capacity:  250T Maximum Radius main Boom:  82M Maximum Radius Fly:  82M Max Lifting Height:  96M Max Boom Length:  70M Fly Length:  21M Outrigger Footprint:  7.8M X 8.9M Max Counterweight:  80T