Small Trucks For All Occasions

Small Trucks For All Occasions

Northfleet Transport has decades of experience in the Perth logistics industry, providing a wide array of small trucks for every occasion. Our trucks are reliable and powerful, and with the extent of our range, the options you have at your disposal are almost endless. We offer standard flat tops, tilt trays, semi tilts and Hiabs, all in a range of configurations. And our trucks can be used for short or long hauls, so no matter what you need to move or where you need to go to in WA, Northfleet Transport can help you make it happen.

Small trucks

If you need materials or equipment moved quickly, even across long distances, Northfleet Transport can provide ordinary flat top trucks, but with extraordinary service. You can hire a vehicle for a range of services, but we also provide a ‘taxi service’, where trucks positioned around Perth can be called on an ad hoc basis to complete tasks.

In addition to standard flat tops, we also offer low loader and extendable trucks. The deck of the low loader is designed to keep your load closer to the ground at all times, meaning moving high machinery on and off the tray is a breeze and more manoeuvrable throughout town.

Tilt Tray

Northfleet Transport has a fleet of tilt tray trucks and semi tilt tray trucks. Tilt trays allow simple and easy loading of vehicles. With the touch of a button, the truck’s tray can be made to meet the road, so vehicles can easily be moved on or off the tray without the need for cranes and chains.

Where larger, heavier machines and loads must be moved, the semi tilt tray is an excellent choice. The rear tray of the semi tilt can descend to meet the road, but with the much greater load-bearing capacity of a semi-trailer. This means that there is virtually no limit to the size or weight of the load you can move and position. Semi tilts can move multiple vehicles at once, or larger vehicles like buses and cranes.

If you’d like to discuss these options, we’re always happy to discuss your needs and suggest the best truck for you.

Hiab Truck

If you need to move a load that cannot move itself, a Hiab truck is an excellent option. Hiab trucks have cranes mounted directly to the truck, either at the rear or behind the cab, and in a range of lengths and configurations. They are especially useful where materials need to be unloaded after arrival, and where it is difficult to bring materials to site along with an independent crane. The Hiab truck allows you to kill two birds with one stone, and save a bit of money along the way. Not only do we offer a range of weights and sizes of Hiab trucks for hire, but we have a range of crane capacities and modifications, so you can grab, dig and drill with a Hiab too.

Truck transport Perth

When it comes to trucks, Northfleet Transport is an industry leader in Perth. We have a truck to meet every need, and we provide the service required to complete the task. Our taxi service allows you to quickly adapt to newly arrived materials or equipment, and our pilot services allow you to plan longer hauls safely. If you need a truck to get it done, think Kwik and call us now!