Traffic Management for Work on Perth Roads

Traffic Management for Work on Perth Roads

WA has more than 170,000km of roads, and hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses that are serviced by them. Whenever works are required either on properties or roads, hazardous situations can be created. Where any road vehicle or pedestrian is required to detour from the standard path, there is potential confusion and danger. Traffic management is a system for redirecting and organizing the movement of traffic around and past obstructions and hazards. The WA government provides standards and codes of practice for the correct management of traffic.

Northfleet Transport has been independently operating in WA since the 1980s. We are a family business, and we know WA roads intimately. Not only do we provide a great range of products and services for Traffic Management, but we have decades of experience in providing traffic management specifically for Perth and WA more broadly. We can provide you with efficient and seamless traffic management.

Traffic Management for Worksites in Perth

The state government of WA requires a traffic management plan whenever construction work occurs near roads in Perth and across WA. This is due to the frequency of large trucks entering and exiting work sites, and the high likelihood of disruption to normal traffic flow during these events. Disruption of traffic flow, especially during peak hour, can cause ordinary commuters to behave erratically. A clear, effective traffic management plan reduces the disruption to normal traffic, makes the detour clear to other road users how to move past the obstruction, and minimizes risk to both work site occupants and the general public.

In order to achieve this, all aspects of the work site need to be appropriately considered, prioritized and timed, and each element requires accommodation in an effective traffic management plan. How will trucks enter and exit the site? Will personnel and/or signage be required to monitor these movements? What procedure will be in place in the event of an emergency or accident on the road around your site? Northfleet Transport can help you prepare.

Let Safety Be Our Main Priority

Here at Northfleet Transport, safety is our number one priority. We want to keep you, your employees, your contractors, and the general public safe throughout your work time, and a good traffic management plan is a key aspect of worksite safety. We will discuss your work plans and locations extensively with you, and make a plan that keeps risk and liability to a bare minimum, and we will provide you with all the products and services necessary to maintain control of local traffic around your site from beginning to end.

Flexibility and Experience

Traffic is constantly changing. So does a work site. What happens at peak hour does not happen in the middle of the day, and what happens when concrete is being poured is not what happens when interiors are being painted. We know that a good traffic management plan is one that plans for change and adapts to the progress of the build. And we have the knowledge and experience to create a traffic management plan that caters to changes in your build, and changes in the environment.

If you’re in need of a traffic management plan for your work site, call Northfleet Transport today to find out how we can get things moving for you!