What Crane Should You Hire For Your Next Project?

What Crane Should You Hire For Your Next Project?

On the work site, nothing is more important to safety and work efficiency than having the right tool for the right job. As true for cranes as it is for hand tools, when selecting the right crane to hire for your job you need to account for everything from required reach and site access, to lifting weight requirements and distances for products to be relocated.  At Northfleet Transport, our crane fleet has the ideal crane to meet any requirement, call our office today for expert advice on crane hire in Perth and across the state.

Franna Crane Hire

Franna cranes are widely used across Australia for their mobility, performance and ability to relocate items quickly and easily. To ensure we have a suitable Franna crane for hire, our Franna fleet includes 15T, 20T, 25T and 25t Super Lift capacity cranes. Providing a range of options perfect for any job that needs lifting power, efficiency and mobility in equal measure.

TIID Cranes

The newest additions to our fleet, TIDD cranes are the high capacity lift and carry cranes that are designed with an articulating front cabin and boom mount. The ingenuity in the design of TIDD cranes is by taking the manoeuvrability, lifting ability and outrigger-free efficiency of a heavy Franna crane, and incorporating some of the precision of a slewing crane.

Able to match our 25T Franna crane for lifting capacity and reach, our 25T TIDD cranes use their articulated cabin to reach the tightest locations efficiently, safely and conveniently.

Slewing Crane Hire

With the highest range of lifting capacities, slewing cranes are the workhorses of construction across WA. The slewing crane class feature a cabin and boom able to rotate and reach 360 degrees. Slewing cranes are often for tight space lifting. A slewing crane is often used in situations when the work area has a rough terrain, a narrow laneway, or scaffolding systems in the way. Essentially, slewing cranes are for jobs that require high capacities, precise movements and temporary set-up. Our range of slewing cranes will have a crane suitable for tasks of any size, from residential jobs all the way to large infrastructure and mining projects.

Available from 12T city cranes up to our range-topping 250T Grove slewing crane, remaining mounted on road-legal mobile frames, and boasting impressive lift and reach capabilities, our cranes are able to be used in multiple sites per day. The type of crane required for your project will depend heavily on the surroundings. If the building site has Kwikstage scaffolding, vehicles or other obstacles, then the best solution for companies that need quick set up, the job was done quickly and moving on.

Contact Northfleet Transport For Crane Hire Services

If you have a site with tight access, need a crane for efficient materials relocation, or need some serious lifting capacity, call Northfleet Transport today. At Northfleet Transport, we have been providing expert advice, reliable equipment and professional personnel to Perth for over thirty years. With our fleet of cranes and transport vehicles, we are the logistics company with the ideal solution for your needs.