When To Hire A Franna Crane

When To Hire A Franna Crane

At Northfleet Transport, we are fully devoted to providing some of the best crane-for-hire services in Perth. That mission wouldn’t be complete without having a fleet of Franna cranes ready for deployment. We offer a wide range of top-of-the-line pick and carry cranes, along with licensed and fully trained operators to serve your needs.

What Is A Franna Crane?

The Franna crane is the invention of an Aussie engineer, David Francis. In 1980, Francis designed a crane that was the size of a truck, but had the lifting capacity of a powerful crane. He started a company to manufacture this new crane design, naming it “Franna” after his last name, along with the name of his daughter, Anna.

Today, the Franna crane is one of the most popular and sought-after crane types on any site across Australia. As a pick and carry crane, Franna cranes are highly mobile, especially compared to other bulkier cranes that slowly lumber around. Even with this mobility, they usually have lifting capacities between 10 and 40 tonnes, making them a highly versatile choice.

Due to their compactness, Franna cranes are mostly found at construction sites, where navigation through tight spaces is a way of life. Or on a mine and larger sites where travelling between distances is a challenge to overcome in constrcution.

Why Should You Use a Franna Crane?

Franna cranes are a highly versatile choice of crane that can suit a variety of heavy lifting needs.

Their compact form factor and excellent manoeuvrability allows them to weave around obstacles and move around cramped areas that other cranes wouldn’t even fit through.

One of the Franna crane’s most unique characteristics is that it’s roadworthy and highly mobile. Due to their low weight and small size, they’re allowed to travel on most roads, and can proceed at high speed—all without additional transportation equipment.

This unique trait makes the Franna crane an ideal taxi crane, highly valued for its ability to be deployed quickly and driven to a job site. Ordering a Franna crane means reduced wait time before your crane is ready to use.

This also makes Franna cranes exceptionally useful on job sites with limited access, as they can be driven to these sites without a heavy equipment transport truck, which might not otherwise be able to enter the site.

Franna cranes don’t need outriggers to plant into the ground as well, which means reduced setup time once the crane arrives, and reduced waiting time whenever it needs to reposition.

Franna Crane Hire with Northfleet Transport

The Franna crane is an essential part of any crane fleet, and at Northfleet Transport, we work hard to make sure that our Franna crane services are of top-tier quality.

If you’re looking for a Franna crane hire Perth trusts for its job sites and heavy lifting, look no further than Northfleet Transport. Contact us now to book a free quotation or site inspection. Our operators and inspectors will determine your needs and provide recommendations accordingly.